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Manuka Essentials

Skin Oil For Oily Skin

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Ditch the Slick.

Sebum regulating, restorative skin oil for oily skin.

Stay with us here. It might seem absurd to say you can help that buttery skin be less greasy with a skin oil, but these are straight facts. 

See, the reason it’s so slippery is because your balance is all off - your skin is overproducing sebum. “Heck,” it says, “you’re not moisturising me enough - I guess I’ll have to do it myself.” 

You need to tell it to chill.

This light, easily absorbed botanical oil can help with that. It is designed to settle, soften, and restore your skin to a healthy (not excessive) glow. 

All of our products come with a 30 day money back guarantee, so if it’s not right for you, just send her back.

Specially formulated for oily skin.

What's Inside

Handmade and sourced with love!

Our products are handmade here in Tauranga or are responsibly sourced from around the world, via our awesome suppliers! We use the best natural ingredients for our body and home care, source the most beautiful, high quality crystals and stock kick-ass brands whose products do good!

  • Good vibes!

    We're all about bringing the good vibes when you shop with us. That means great quality products that are kinder to you and our planet.

  • We are local!

    That's right, our soaps and body care are locally made, right here in Tauranga. Our store is also locally owned and operated too!

  • We ship free $100+

    For NZ orders over $100, we'll ship out your Boho Store goodness to you for free! Zero, zilch, nada!

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